27 Signs You’re From Cleveland

This is the most official and up-to-date list of the 27 signs you are a Clevelander.

  1. It’s called pop, not soda
  2. If you could, you would STILL make Lebron James the godfather of your children
  3. You live on either the East or West side and rarely venture over to the other side… not because you have anything against it but it’s just really inconvenient. 
  4. You know that there really are only two seasons in Cleveland: Winter and Construction. 
  5. You know what midges (or Canadian soldiers?) are and you FREAKING HATE THEM
  6. You love Lake Erie but you don’t really want to swim in it…. 
  7. You have extremely high standards for grocery stores
  8. And beer
  9. In fact, you probably still have a Great Lakes Christmas Ale sitting in your fridge from last year
  10. You believe your accent is one of the purest in America
  11. Two words. Infinity Mirrors.
  12. You are genuinely shocked when someone says they haven’t been to Cedar Point or Put-in-Bay
  13. You still call it Jacob’s Field 
  14. You’ve eaten pierogies more than 4 times in your life 
  15. Black squirrels are a pretty normal occurrence in your life 
  16. You leave your windshield scraper in your car year 
  17. You are SO PUMPED about Baker Mayfield
  18. You know someone who has a Fount Leather Goods bag or you have one of your own
  19. You have thought about getting a symbolic tattoo for Cleveland (Bonus point if you actually got one)
  20. You would probably vote for Michael Symon if he ran for Mayor
  21. You bring every guest from out of town to see the West Side Market
  22. You’ve never actually been inside the Rock + Roll Hall of Fame
  23. You spend as much time outside as humanly possible during the summer
  24. You LIVE for the Flea
  25. You feel like there is a new restaurant or brewery popping up somewhere in  the city every day and you want to try THEM ALL
  26. You feel an intense sense of pride for   A Christmas Story and Superman. You’re welcome, World.
  27. No matter where you go, Cleveland always feels like home.

Any other trademark signs of a true Clevelander? Leave them in the comments.

3 thoughts

  1. 1. Regardless the service, need, or good, a true Clevelander always “Knows a guy/gal…” to refer.

    2. You live under the belief of Cleveland sports that there is “always next year.”

    3. Due to it’s extensive cultural diversity, you understand what the term “melting pot” really means.

    4. Any temperature above 45 degrees justifies wearing shorts.

    5. You are never surprised when people visiting CLE for the first time, talk about their great time in the city

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